Beats Against Coal Rotterdam


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Create awareness for problems connected to the building of new coal power plants next to Rotterdam


Spread the word! Attend our Event on 8th of February. Like our page.

Two new coal power plants are being built next to Rotterdam. This is irresponsible in times of global warming. CO2 emissions of Rotterdam will increase dramatically. Furthermore, fine dust and other dangerous substances will be emitted and harm Rotterdam's people and environment.

Therefore, we believe that another Beats Against Coal event is
necessary to show our resistance against these new coal power plants. Our goal is to create awareness and to directly make clubbing more sustainable.

Thus, all profits from the entrance money will be invested into making the club more sustainable. This will include the installation of a new sustainable light system.


Anti-Atom / Klima / Energie, Natur-, Tier-, Umweltschutz
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