Sailing for Sustainability


Sailing for Sustainability

Parallel zur Rio+20 Konferenz der UN verwandelt sich ein Schiff zum Labor für nachhaltiges Leben. Die Crew erforscht greifbare Alternativen zu UN-Greenwashing Programmen und plant kreative Aktionen entlang der baltischen Küste. Abfahrt ist am 18. Juni in Danzig. Wir sind ein transnationales Netzwerk und offen für alle, die sich b... mehr »
21.06.2012, 13:51 Uhr

Do-it-yourself brainwashing


What it means to sail 36 hours overnight, adjusting to new environments and how to find the right tone for social change.

Perspective #1: Politicians and lobbyists from all over the world are sitting at the roundtable in Rio de Janeiro to discuss the agenda of green economy. They have serious looks in their faces, ready to propose the next treaty. Their bosses want them to perform.
Perspective #2: social activists from all over Europe are sailing on a ship in the Baltics to discuss alternative economy. They have serious looks on their faces, vomiting over board and fighting with sea-sickness. But their stomachs are also filled with sparks of hope for social justice. And two hours later they are already hoisting the sails for a better future.

To create change, you have to be ready to adjust to new conditions, and a traditional sailing ship is just the right place to do so in a smooth way. And of course, the bodies need their time to get used to the new.
At the same time, the group is setting sails and learns how to steer by looking at the horizon, is singing songs of love and murder and sleeps on deck while others are cleaning the dishes. Deceleration - the opposite of acceleration - is taking place, and this morning, the right atmosphere was created to approach new concepts of social and economic models of life. While Jeffrey Sachs is making scientifically painted campaigns about happiness to declare market driven poverty under green economy a good thing, we are looking at capability approach by Martha Nussbaum.

At the world refugee day, we arrived in Klaipeda, Lithuania. Migration is a critical issue in the debate of sustainability, looking at the streams that face hunger and climate change caused by humanity.

Group dynamics are usually going through a warming, a storming and a norming phase. The warming is done in our group - lets see if tomorrow, when the national TV of Lithuania is coming, we will go through a storm.


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