Sailing for Sustainability


Sailing for Sustainability

Parallel zur Rio+20 Konferenz der UN verwandelt sich ein Schiff zum Labor für nachhaltiges Leben. Die Crew erforscht greifbare Alternativen zu UN-Greenwashing Programmen und plant kreative Aktionen entlang der baltischen Küste. Abfahrt ist am 18. Juni in Danzig. Wir sind ein transnationales Netzwerk und offen für alle, die sich b... mehr »
19.06.2012, 13:54 Uhr

Going to Hel and playing theatre on a thinking ship

Today, we started the cruise to the wonderful village named "Hel", after our first performance about the Rio+20 in the harbour in Gdansk. What are our first steps and how is the atmosphere on board?

Pouuf, what a first day! Can you imagine a group of people that never met before, getting together and improvising a theatre play about the Rio+20 on board of a traditional sailing ship within two hours? Well, we did.

After shortly deciding that we will take the time to know each other in the evening, we started producing our first play. Quite cliché, to admit, but still somehow true: politicians of the UN are often enough attached to structural strings, playing with the resources of the world we are living in. In the latest version of the newspaper Monde Diplomatique one can see well documented how decision makers serve entangled interests of politics and economy and how complex approaches can save ecosystems and indigenous people like in the Yasuní of Ecuador.

What is sustainability for us? On one hand, we are doing this major campaign as a scream to the world, taking a stand for a social perspective on sustainability. Looking at the green economy paradigm that is discussed at the United Nations, we emphasize that it cannot be narrowed to economy. Sustainability is more than an investment into green cars and green energy by the leading industries. There is so much more to consider: migration flows and border policies, labour policies, gender equality, democratic welfare state with participation of social movements... sustainability is a social matter!

And on the other hand, our trip is a work in progress. All answers are in progress. All we have is a direction, we don't have the one solution. "It is much more sustainable to develop hundreds of little projects than to do one campaign that flashes shortly on the global media." says Hannes Böttger on board. The participants prepare projects they bring home all over Europe, engaging for long lasting social change.

We are getting ready and provide you with daily news from our workshops and background information about green economy and global development. You will get daily information from aboard on this blog (depending on the internet connection on the sea) and academic reflections from Ulrich Brand (Vienna University) and Subir Sinha (School of Oriental and African Studies, London University).

For a live impression from the ship, watch our videoblog. Just to explain: in the world greatest theatre show, the trash bag is representing the earth:

(upload is on its way, check again in one or two hours!)


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