Sailing for Sustainability


Sailing for Sustainability

Parallel zur Rio+20 Konferenz der UN verwandelt sich ein Schiff zum Labor für nachhaltiges Leben. Die Crew erforscht greifbare Alternativen zu UN-Greenwashing Programmen und plant kreative Aktionen entlang der baltischen Küste. Abfahrt ist am 18. Juni in Danzig. Wir sind ein transnationales Netzwerk und offen für alle, die sich b... mehr »
28.06.2012, 17:43 Uhr

It’s time for alternatives!

What’s the problem with the current economy? Why do we need alternatives? Capitalism is the crisis. Why isn’t it working? Are we addicted to growth? Is it even possible to live without capitalism? What can we do? How can we change the system? How can I help to develop better economics?

Many questions and a lot more answers: the first week of being a social laboratory on sustainability was full of discussions, actions and growing group dynamics within our small diverse community onboard the ship. Coming from different backgrounds we explored various perspectives on the topic of alternative economy which opened up new possibilities, new ideas and new hope. This experiences inspired us to dive deeper into the alternatives that exist already and to plan new actions for the future.


Sailing for Sustainability offered me a great opportunity to meet like-minded people from all around Europe. We have had many lively debates which emphasised the importance of alternative economics for sustainable development. The alternative economics that put the citizens and the common good at the centre of its concerns is what we believe that political decision-makers should give it their attention to. I think that the need to place ethics at the heart of economics life is a necessity as well as respect for qualitative and not just quantitative values.
- Agnieszka Szymczakowska, Poland

I am really impressed about all the projects and ideas which were represented and developed in this group of people. I feel inspired – there is a damn good wind to sail and go for real sustainability!
- Miriam Gieseking, Germany

This week has been my very first time sailing independently while also having the opportunity to meet the others who I am now dearest friends with. Taking part in this project allowed me to discover places I await to re-visit in the future, perhaps this time being the organiser myself and inspiring youth as enthusiastically!
- Ernst Tonissen, Estonia

The freedom of thoughts, which sailing on the open sea enabled during this challenging and fulfilling week inspired others and me and made us reflecting on ourselves, our environment, society and community, behaviours, values, interactions and dependencies. It is and it will be about us to realize and live what we discussed and emotionalized – without borders on land and in our heads.
- Younes Filali, Latvia

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