Sailing for Sustainability


Sailing for Sustainability

Parallel zur Rio+20 Konferenz der UN verwandelt sich ein Schiff zum Labor für nachhaltiges Leben. Die Crew erforscht greifbare Alternativen zu UN-Greenwashing Programmen und plant kreative Aktionen entlang der baltischen Küste. Abfahrt ist am 18. Juni in Danzig. Wir sind ein transnationales Netzwerk und offen für alle, die sich b... mehr »
25.06.2012, 16:36 Uhr

National TV?! It wasn’t us!

A morning of theatre rehearsals prepared us for the TV Cameras that popped up at 12.30. When the harbour-authorities saw us jumping into the river where it is forbidden on the national news, they just said we must have faked it. How did all that happen?

We have been jumping and humping around, playing different games this morning to get prepared for the press and the thousand of cameras welcoming us in Lithuania. After two hours of games and improvisation, we built some pictures… and hey: we made it into the national news. Then, two hours later, we saw ourselves on the screen how we jumped into the Dané, the river that crosses the town.

Apparently, this is forbidden. The harbour master came running to us after it was on the news and asked: “did you jump into the river?!” And he was happy to hear that of course we didn’t and told his boss that the national TV must have faked the pictures.

Photo: Kai Löffelbein.

In the evening, we partied till late at night, and a harmonica player from Klaipeda told us the local saying: “when you don’t know what to do, jump into the Dané!” We don’t know what global solutions there could be, but at least we jump, for a new approach on sustainability: one of global social justice.

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