Sailing for Sustainability


Sailing for Sustainability

Parallel zur Rio+20 Konferenz der UN verwandelt sich ein Schiff zum Labor für nachhaltiges Leben. Die Crew erforscht greifbare Alternativen zu UN-Greenwashing Programmen und plant kreative Aktionen entlang der baltischen Küste. Abfahrt ist am 18. Juni in Danzig. Wir sind ein transnationales Netzwerk und offen für alle, die sich b... mehr »
04.07.2012, 13:34 Uhr

Winds of Change blows in Liepaja

(Nachrag vom 26. Juni)

Ahoi, friends!!! We are not starting motors but spreading sails today, on a windy day in the harbor of Liepaja, to support our Latvian hosts Radi Vidi Pats for many different activities that have taken on from early this morning. Sailing for Sustainability has started its second week and in behalf of all participants and tutors we welcome you to continue the adventure with us.


At the panel discussion the participants got to know the local situation in Liepaja and in Latvia in general. In a practical workshop we learned about the importance of blue flag certification in Liepaja city which gathered civil society, NGOs, Municipality and renewable companies.

Now, waiting for the nice music from Maxim and cooking dinner, we start to figure out how tomorrow the wind will rise and start to combine our personal energies through numerous inspiring chats on the deck... Let´s wake up tomorrow, as early as the sunrise, live with the solar time to save energy and meet together again through our next posts.


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