Raki is the national drink of Turkey, and because of its whitish color after being mixed with water, it is also known as “lion's milk”. We offer you a constantly growing selection of different rakis on these pages. Enjoy it with meze, the classic Turkish starters, but also with fish or just as a delicious aperitif.

Selection of national and international grape varieties

Try wines from the indigenous grape varieties, such as the row grapes Öküzgözu, Kalecik Karasi or Bogazkere. If you like white wine, we recommend Narince, Sultaniye or Emir. Here we have put together a sample package for you. Turkey has more autochthonous, i.e. indigenous grape varieties that only occur there than any other country. Even if you are unsure, ask us - we would be happy to recommend wines for an invitation, for different dishes or occasions. You can contact us here.

Viticulture in Turkey - Turkish wine as an exotic

Did you know? With 448,000 hectares of vineyards in 2018, Turkey has the fourth largest vineyard area in Europe, behind Spain (1), France (2) and Italy (3) (source OIV World Economic Report 2018). This means that Turkey has around 4 times as much vineyard area as Germany with 102,000 hectares. Outside Europe, Turkey is in second place behind China. Most of the production is for table grapes, the production of grape juice and dried grapes, only about 3% is used for the production of wine and raki.



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