Did you know that the European Union wants to fund the arms industry? The European Defence Fund will over the next ten years allocate more than 40 billion euros to the research, development and procurement of weapons.

It's outrageous: in times of austerity, the European Union is subsidizing an industry which is exporting death and conflict. The European Defence Fund will not make Europe a safer place, it will only lead to more arms exports, more violence, more war.

Let's take action on November 9 in the European Quarter in Brussels. We'll wake up our MEPs with alarm clocks, bells and sirens. We will say it loud and clear: no EU money for arms dealers!

Join us
Rendezvous on November 9 at 9h30 AM in Brussels. Bring a digital or analog battery operated alarm clock, a siren or an mp3-player with speakers.
Please let us know that you're coming, register here

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09.11.2017, 09:30 Uhr - 09.11.2017, 12:00 Uhr


European Quarter in Brussels
European Quarter in Brussels
BrĂ¼ssel, Belgien

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Frieden / Antimilitarismus



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